How to Contact Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a famous television personality, especially well-known for her commentary on legal cases and victims’ rights issues. If you want or need to get in touch with her, there are a few different options you can pursue.

Part 1

Basic Contact Information


Send a letter. You can contact Nancy Grace with fan mail, questions, or general comments by sending her a letter through the postal system. There are two separate mailing addresses you can use. One directs mail to her CNN show, and the other directs mail to her show on Court TV.

  • Note that these are her professional mailing addresses. There are no private or personal mailing addresses available to the general public.
  • To contact Nancy Grace via CNN, send your letter to:
    • The Nancy Grace Show
    • CNN
    • 1 Time Warner Center
    • New York, NY 10019
  • To contact Nancy Grace via Court TV, send your mail to:
    • Court TV
    • 600 Third Avenue
    • 2nd Floor
    • New York, NY 10016
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      Make a phone call. If you have comments or questions that you want to convey quickly, you can contact Nancy Grace’s staff by phone. Do so by calling: 1-212-973-2800

      • Understand that you will likely speak with staff members only. You may not be able to speak directly to Nancy Grace, even if you call her.
      • The public phone number provided for Nancy Grace is linked to her Court TV show.
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      Write an e-mail. Sending an e-mail can get your comments to Nancy Grace as fast as quickly as placing a phone call can, and you can deliver your comments with as much detail in an e-mail as you can with a traditional letter. When writing her an e-mail, send it to:

      • Note that this e-mail address is linked to Nancy Grace’s show on CNN.
      • This is a professional e-mail address. There are no private e-mail addresses for Nancy Grace that are available to the general public. As a general rule, if you find a private e-mail address for a public figure like Nancy Grace online, that address will typically be a fraud.

        Part 2

        Contact Forms


        Use the form on Nancy Grace’s website. The contact form on her official website can be used for both comments and questions. You can find the form here:

        • You’ll need to provide your first name, last name, and e-mail address. You will also need to type in a security code to verify that you are a real person and not a robot.
        • Type in an appropriate subject line in the “Subject” field, and write your comments and questions in the “Message” box. When finished, hit the “Send” button.
        • Note that Nancy Grace’s website primarily serves as a victim’s rights resource. Keep that in mind when opting to use this form.


          Send a comment via CNN. As a CNN personality, you can contact Nancy Grace through the CNN website. There is a separate form for you to use for comments, and that form can be found here:

          • Do not send questions using this form.
          • You must provide your name and e-mail address when sending in your comments. You can also provide a phone number, but that information is optional


            Send a question via CNN. If you have a question for Nancy Grace, do not use the CNN “comments” form noted in the previous step. CNN has a separate “questions” form for you to use, and that can be found here:

            • Do not send general comments using this form.
            • As with the “comments” form, you must provide your name and e-mail address when using this form. You also have the option of including a phone number with your comments.


              Use the generic CNN form for Nancy Grace. If you do not know whether to direct your message to the “questions” form or the “comments” form, CNN also has a generic form you can use for either option. You can find that form here:

              • When using this form, you will need to provide your name, city, state/province, zip code, country, and e-mail address. You will also need to indicate whether your comment is positive or negative, and you have the option of including a phone number.
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