How to Contact Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is a Grammy Award-winning rock star and actor. As a musician, his music has encompassed everything from funk rock to pop and jazz. Whether you’re an unconnected booking agent or simply a fan of his music, getting in touch with Lenny Kravitz can be very difficult. Generally speaking, contact with celebrities is difficult for the fact they’re usually so busy and in-demand. However, if you have a valid reason for reaching out to Kravitz, there are several things you can try in order to do so.


Contacting Lenny Kravitz on a Professional Basis


Support Lenny’s charitable causes. Lenny Kravitz has used his fame to advance causes that are close to his heart, with Amnesty International, Artists Against Racism and Rock the Vote counting among some of the best known. Aligning yourself with or even supporting one of these causes may get you your foot in the door. If you’re just a fan, volunteering for a cause like this will give you and Kravitz some common ground beyond the regular fan dynamic.

  • Lenny Kravitz is also devoutly Christian. Although being Christian isn’t necessary in order to contact Lenny, you should at least have a respect for his beliefs if you want things to go over well.


    Try to catch him after one of his shows.Lenny Kravitz has a busy touring schedule. Although chances are slim that you’ll get a word in alone with him, you can try hanging out by his tour bus or limo by the venue after the show is over. Keep in mind, however, that you may have to compete with other fans for his attention. Even if your reasons for contacting him are legitimate, it will almost certainly be difficult to make yourself heard.

    • There may be VIP ticket options for an upcoming show in which you can “meet and greet” with Kravitz beforehand.


      Contact his booking agent. All major artists have booking agents that help them with planning out future shows. If your prospective business with Kravitz is related to a show, you can make things happen via his booking agent. Although they won’t respond unless you have the proper down payment available, getting a hold of a celebrity via one of their proxies is easily the most professional way you can go about it.

      • You can also write a letter and message to Lenny Kravitz’s agent, Troy Blakely. Address it to “Agency for the Performing Arts, 405 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.”


        Contact his manager for an interview.The majority of artists are open to interviews with media outlets. Interviews are a mutually beneficial arrangement, as it attracts mutual buzz to both the outlet and artist. To look into an interview with Kravitz, contact his manager at Delafont artist management. A minimum of $10000 is required to interview Kravitz.

        • You can reach Kravitz’s manager, Craig Fruin, directly by calling (310)-550-5240.
        • It is explicitly stated on the Delafont website that interview opportunities are not intended for fans who simply want to talk. You need to be affiliated with press or media first in order to do this.


          Be realistic. As with any celebrity, getting in contact with someone as famous and busy as Lenny Kravitz is a slim chance at best if you’re starting from scratch. Unless you’re already well-established in the music business, you shouldn’t keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be able to reach him. You are best off contacting his manager or agents rather than trying to contact Lenny right off the bat.
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          Sending Lenny Kravitz Fanmail

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          Send Lenny a tweet via Twitter. If you’re trying to reach Lenny Kravitz purely to show admiration, you may do so via social media. All major celebrities have social media pages, and Lenny is no exception. Although many celebrities enlist the help of social media wizards to make posts for them, some are known to browse the fan comments.

          • Reply to his tweets by using “@LennyKravitz” at the start of a tweet and then writing a message to him. This will be listed in the “Reply” section of his homepage.
          • At the very least, your fan appreciation won’t go unnoticed by other fans of Lenny Kravitz’s work


            Make a post on his public Facebook page.Like Twitter, Facebook is another good place to make a post. While Twitter promotes interaction between fan and celebrity a little more, it’s worthwhile to double your post on both sites.

            • If you want a potential response, keep your message as to-the-point as possible. Celebrities don’t usually have time to look into more in-depth responses.
            • Unlike some celebrity pages, Lenny Kravitz’s fanpage unfortunate does not have a private messaging setting. This means that any post you send to him will have to be public.


              Mail Lenny Kravitz a fan letter.If you have love for an artist, you can always send some love the old fashioned way: a mailed letter. A strictly fanmail service is available to as a buffer between fan and celebrity. You may choose either to write a one-way letter or include extra postage to invite the possibility of Kravitz writing back to you. Although postage fees are incurred in this move, you’ll have a higher chance of being noticed this way as opposed to the thousands that opt for the convenience of social media.

              • You can send Lenny fanmail directly using this address: Lenny Kravitz, Press Here Publicity, 138 West 25th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA


                Shout your support in the front row at one of his concerts. If you snag a front row ticket at one of Lenny Kravitz’s performances, you’ll be within shouting range of the man himself. Although he’ll be busy doing his show, musicians aren’t beyond having a few words with front row members in between songs. Show your enthusiasm and cheer to let Kravitz know how much you appreciate his music.
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